“Photography is the music

that allows my Soul
to dance with God”

                                                               -Ken W. Hall



I am often asked about my passion for photography…and when did I realize the connection between art and a medium.  The instant I had an epiphany that photography is not my passion but in truth photography is a part of my Soul…it was with that breath that my life changed for ever.

I can’t say that any specific photographic artist moves me more than any other but for certain there have been images that spoke to my spirit.  I have a strong affinity to black and white images.  I was once being interviewed by a newspaper writer and she asked of me, “What is it about black and white photography that draws you in?”  My response, totally unscripted, leapt off my tongue, Color images trigger the mind to ‘see’ while black and white images speak to the Soul of the observer.”  She next spoke, “How do you know when you have captured a good or great black and white image?  My reply, “When I capture a red apple in black and white and in the print you feel the vivid red!” Her closing question was, “What it your favorite image?” Again, without reservation or pause I replied, “The next one!”

“The evocative character of photographic images have, since their inception, sparked dreams of what was, what can be and what is here now in the moment!”

If I have scripted an artist’s statement this would have to be it. If I have one image that allows one person  to slow down long enough to remember his or her connection with our Creator, then my life and work as an artist has been lived to its fullest intent.”