“Hear My Prayer”

REMEMBRANCE” …memories of a time before time and a place before place kindle the fire that illuminates the inward pilgrimage of a Soul, a Soul passionately yearning to usher devout recall of its truly profound and sacred origin.

Sound and rhythm succinctly penetrate the illusions of our physical world while we conjure a life where our souls bask in solace and refuge from the quest to recall, with undeniable truth, the authenticity of who we are by our divine creation.

“The wind of my breath searches the innermost realms of the cedar of the flute and the clay of the ocarina. The flute and the ocarina respectively awaken and dislodge primal recall of times past and the moments of now. Through their organic provenance they breathe new life and, with swiftness and certainty resurrect memories from the collective 
unconscious of all that exists.
This is the “Remembrance” my soul has lamented with dry, silent tears known only to the Creator of all that is or will ever be. If it is so for me…then it must be so for countless others.
-Ken W. Hall





For centuries many indigenous cultures have had musical instruments crafted from native woods and clays indigenous to their ancestral homelands. Cedar, for many, has been the wood of choice. Cedar has in numerous instances been associated with spiritual practices and beliefs due in part to its haunting musical qualities, aromatic bouquet and healing properties. Recently while being interviewed about his music Hall was asked to describe it. He replied, I have been told that, on a given moment, it will take you to a different zip code in a hurry!”

The flutes used by Ken W. Hall have been crafted in large part from cedar including the heartwood of red cedar endowed with vibrant golden red color as in the example on the left.




The music, rhythm and mood of Ken’s first CD “Remembrance” echo the mystical haunting sounds of his flutes and ocarinas. During his public Flute-performperformances Hall weaves enigmatic tales heard yet invisible that can only be realized from the spirit shared by ancestral cultures thru the millennia. Although Hall does not portray the music as having origin with any culture or nation, the spirit is universal. This spirit bridges gaps of language, story or dance from culture to culture. Thru the multitude of diverse peoples and nations this spirit is alive within us all.



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