The Reeds & The Horses

“One soul, speaking to thousands
thru one voice

                                          -Ken W. Hall

My true vision of art is the magic, the inspiration,the healing and the challenge to look at something,
something greater than what we perceive ourselves to be,something we don’t often understand
and despite our unwillingness, eventually surrender to allow it to lead us deeper into our Soul.


You have entered into a realm of creativity,
inspiration, dreams and keen imagination.

Welcome to our lives,
Ken and Penny Hall…two artists who share one vision!

We are a team, in fact we are a married couple who have been married for twenty plus years.  Our respective fields of artistic expression are as diverse as our personalities and life experiences. We both came out of “regular jobs” but regardless we have evolved into what we are now. That evolution actually began shortly after we were married.

Each of us as artists has developed styles, quality and visionary recognition primarily by listening to our respective Spirits, Penny thru her sculpted leather, her writing, and her spiritual journey and Ken through his photography, music, writing and his spiritual journey. A tremendous amount of healing has come to us both thru this process. Each of respectively is honored you chose to share your precious time to visit our site and share with anticipation your visit into our world.